Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Song

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My favorite song from 5th grade music class. I've sung it throughout my life. I give it a little more kick and soul than Mr. Jim Zimmerman (with all due respect).


birdwoman said...

I just did a google search because this song popped in my head from elementary music class. Guess it was a keeper!


BNFIT Fitness said...

Mt. View Elementary School
Omaha Nebraska
Mrs. Draper

Fourth-grade... the purple music book... I remember praying to advance from red (3rd grade) to purple.

Guess what I hum when I dare to look up in the sky and see stars... doing my morning runs? Only remembering the first two lines... to drive whomever I'm running with crazy. I always promised myself I'll Google it and forget it until tonight.

Such a beautiful song for a simple time in life.